Saturday with Sally

Sally and I had made plans to meet up in her part of town today.

first, we had lunch at Chick-fil-a. we both had the chicken sandwich. YUM!

After devouring heaven on a bun, the adventurous brave souls that we are braved the crowds at Oak Park mall to get free Godiva Truffles!

caramel apple tarte truffle. mmmmm.....

then we headed to the grocery to buy supplies for our soup. we made a LOT of Minestrone...i can't wait to dish it up!

while we were waiting on the soup to soup itself, we indulged in another obsession: Beading. Sally made earrings while I whipped up a necklace - while watching "Nightmare before Christmas".

What a perfect way to spend a cold wet - snowy, even! - Saturday in November!