That’s what the last two days have seemed like to me – one giant blurred together mess of time! Did the same thing both days – mega busy at work, then house stuff shopping. Woot!

After work yesterday, I had to go to the optometrist for a contact re-check – what usually takes 15-20 minutes took like 90. bleh. I had to have my eyes dilated, then the doc found an old retinal tear and she wanted to try to image it. The flash from the imager felt FABULOUS on my dilated pupils.

DH and I went to JCPenney to buy window treatments, and lemme tell you, the new free-standing JCPenney stores are MEGA bright. I really wish I had taken my sunglasses in with me. by the time we left, I had a horrible headache. BUT we did buy curtains and valances for our bedroom and picked some out for the living room! What a difference it makes – we’ve lived in our house for almost 6 years and have never put curtains up in our room! (we have always had blinds, though)

Today I trudged into work, even though I woke up with my headache having worsened! A couple of ibuprofen dulled it immensely – i still have it, but i am functioning! Spent some more time shopping today, after work. Went back to Penney’s to buy the curtains for the living room. they only had enough for 2 windows, so for the 3rd I had to trek out to a nearby town to fetch the stuff for the last window. I can’t wait until tomorrow when we put them up!


While “out-of-town”, I hit up the TJMaxx. I found a cool wall mirror for 1/2 the price of the one we were looking at at Penney’s and a dress to wear for my sister-in-law’s wedding in April! (I’ve been sweating it!) success all around!

I went way over points today – almost took up all my weekly ones too! BUT i am accounting for it, and i’m really not worried about it, honestly. I’ve been doing really well with keeping track lately and i’ve been logging small but encouraging losses every week! What really tipped the balance today was the chocolate malt i got at Sonic – 1 large  is ca. 20pts! I rarely ever get things like that, so it’s all good! ;-)

I hope that the weekend is going well for everyone! Pix of the windows tomorrow!


Out with the Old, In with the New

I discovered this morning that bananas can be a lot more points than i thought possible! I guess I had bought some ginormous bananas or something – check this baby out!

DSCF0130can you read the screen on my food scale? 4 – that right – FOUR points for that sucker. i’d already put the pictured banana’s cousin in my oatmeal before I thought to weigh it – otherwise i’d have only used half!


My KERF-inspired oatmeal this morning was tasty – i think, though, that the almond butter and the walnuts are redundant and I shall do one or the other from now on.

DSCF0131This 11-pt breakfast did tide me over fairly well – though I think I could’ve used more protein in it. My mix:

  • Ocean Spray Instant Oatmeal, Cranberry Orange Muffin

  • 1pt’s worth of craisins

  • 1pt's worth of walnuts

  • 1 tsp (1 pt)Naturally More Almond Butter

  • 1 ginormous 4-pt banana, mushed.

I had a 2pt Pumpkin Spice Kashi TLC bar at work during my break and a 1pt clementine when I came home from work.


Hubby and I went in search of a pair of casual every day shoes for him and a few things for the house (like a new duvet and sheet set!). While we were out we stopped at Firehouse Subs for lunch. WOW! was it yummy! I had the Engineer, which is 8pts w/o mayo and cheese. Also, I had my first diet Coke that I’ve had in weeks and weeks. If I’d had realised they had bottles of vitamin water, i’d have opted for that instead.

After lunch, we headed out to NFM to pick up our new furniture! yay!

first, to contrast, take a look at our old, hand-me-down couch!

DSCF0132bleh. gross. our new furniture is cute though!

 DSCF0136Lovely deep seat couch!

DSCF0150And an oversized chair with matching Ottoman.These of course had to be Kitty approved before they were allowed to stay! ;-)

Our new furniture was bought to co-ordinate with our existing chair – a retro piece which has pretty much *always* been at my grandma’s house – since time immemorial! When she decided to sell her house, I took the chair!

This is how it used to look: Well, I couldn’t find a picture of how it used to look, but did find one of the reupholstery project in progress. The cushion is how it used to look and the frame is how it looks now:



it was kind of an off-white/eggshell color with silver sparkly threads running through.

LR cropsee, now isn’t that better?


After all this excitement, hubby and I went to see Coraline. It was pretty good, but I think i really need to watch it again. At the theater, we had a coupon for a free drink, so I got a diet Coke; and we were both peckish so we shared a salted pretzel with cheese dip (about 5pts).

Just now, after returning home, hubby heated up some bean-only chili I made yesterday. For me, 1/2 cup chili with 1 tsp 2% milk cheese and 10 unsalted top crackers. not bad at all for only about 3.5 pts!

On the way home from the movie, I learned a big secret that I can’t talk about yet – but it’s a good secret and I’ll be able to talk about it soon! can’t wait!




Change in the weather, Change for the Better!

I decided that I was going to write a post today since I haven’t in a very, very long time! I think that if I were to maintain my blog, then I would have an additional accountability partner for all the various things in my daily life for which I need to be kept accountable!

I had the day off today, and instead of being a lazy bum and not doing anything at all today, I made the decision this morning to make a list of the things I actually did accomplish! I usually only make a list of what I want to accomplish; this list tends to get really long and I end up not accomplishing anything. However, today, whatever I did seemed to have worked because I was able to do a fair bit! :-D

I started my list off with documenting my breakfast. I’ve been super bad about journaling my food intake lately, and it shows. :-( So, here is my breakfast:DSCF0083

Yeah, it’s a little high in points (13!) BUT it was breakfast and lunch combined. I also used a full serving (1/4 cup) REAL maple syrup – at 4 points it is the same as my pancakes! It’s totally worth it though. :-D Am I crazy for taking on the extra calories for real maple syrup as opposed to going for the “light” syrups? Does anyone else make exchanges like that? I also will spend a little more money on organic or local things…but that’s a different post in the near future.

After breakfast, I had intended to make some jewelry to start stocking my online shops at etsy and artfire, but after doing a few other things around the house, the husband was awake and we decided to take the dogs to the park.

It was such a gorgeous day – the first we’ve had in a week or so! It was perfect weather to take the dogs on a nice long walk and to play with the digital camera we recently purchased! (I kinda broke the old one!)

Here are a few of my favorite shots from today:
View Dogs' Day Out

After coming home and cleaning up from the mudfest that was the park with two hyper Boxers, hubby and I chillaxed a bit then headed out to the Legends shopping center.

On the way out there, we decided to stop for a bite at Cheeseburger in Paradise, since it was dinner time. This is definitely one of those times I wish I had a mobile web browser on my phone or had carried with me my dining out companion – wow. I had a Bleu Cheese Burger, though I can’t find exact numbers for it, I guestimated that it was about 20 points for the burger alone. egads – good thing we had that long walk earlier!

After dinner, we headed over to NFM to check out living room furniture. We had a hard time agreeing on anything, but found a good compromise lurking in the clearance section. I LOVE it! :-) We pick it up tomorrow!

I have an early, but thankfully short, day tomorrow – only working 6 – 11. :-D


look for a new post coming from me tonight! i've been taking some photos and making some notes today in preparation for a *real* post! woo hoo!

<3 y'all!