Change in the weather, Change for the Better!

I decided that I was going to write a post today since I haven’t in a very, very long time! I think that if I were to maintain my blog, then I would have an additional accountability partner for all the various things in my daily life for which I need to be kept accountable!

I had the day off today, and instead of being a lazy bum and not doing anything at all today, I made the decision this morning to make a list of the things I actually did accomplish! I usually only make a list of what I want to accomplish; this list tends to get really long and I end up not accomplishing anything. However, today, whatever I did seemed to have worked because I was able to do a fair bit! :-D

I started my list off with documenting my breakfast. I’ve been super bad about journaling my food intake lately, and it shows. :-( So, here is my breakfast:DSCF0083

Yeah, it’s a little high in points (13!) BUT it was breakfast and lunch combined. I also used a full serving (1/4 cup) REAL maple syrup – at 4 points it is the same as my pancakes! It’s totally worth it though. :-D Am I crazy for taking on the extra calories for real maple syrup as opposed to going for the “light” syrups? Does anyone else make exchanges like that? I also will spend a little more money on organic or local things…but that’s a different post in the near future.

After breakfast, I had intended to make some jewelry to start stocking my online shops at etsy and artfire, but after doing a few other things around the house, the husband was awake and we decided to take the dogs to the park.

It was such a gorgeous day – the first we’ve had in a week or so! It was perfect weather to take the dogs on a nice long walk and to play with the digital camera we recently purchased! (I kinda broke the old one!)

Here are a few of my favorite shots from today:
View Dogs' Day Out

After coming home and cleaning up from the mudfest that was the park with two hyper Boxers, hubby and I chillaxed a bit then headed out to the Legends shopping center.

On the way out there, we decided to stop for a bite at Cheeseburger in Paradise, since it was dinner time. This is definitely one of those times I wish I had a mobile web browser on my phone or had carried with me my dining out companion – wow. I had a Bleu Cheese Burger, though I can’t find exact numbers for it, I guestimated that it was about 20 points for the burger alone. egads – good thing we had that long walk earlier!

After dinner, we headed over to NFM to check out living room furniture. We had a hard time agreeing on anything, but found a good compromise lurking in the clearance section. I LOVE it! :-) We pick it up tomorrow!

I have an early, but thankfully short, day tomorrow – only working 6 – 11. :-D

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