Greening Up in April: Celebrate Mother Nature (Intro)

April: a time to bask in the spring sun and spring through the spring rains. I know I always seem to appreciate the grandeur of Mother Nature most in the Spring - Spring seems to hold such promise after a miserable, cold, dreary Midwest Winter! I love the cheerful spring flowers (especially the crocus and daffodil because they always seem to bloom first) and I also love Spring holidays - such as Easter and Earth Day because they seem to really emphasize the beauty of Nature.

This year, in appreciation of the great Mother, let's do what we can to 'green up' our act so that we can keep Mother Nature healthy. I understand that for some being green is all or nothing, but also that for others green is as green does; this month I will be blogging daily about simple ways we can green up without changing our entire lifestyle (unless you want to). I will post reviews of eco-friendly products which I have tried, info on places to look for green products as well as links to green news and websites.

A few seemingly-minor elements of your habits and routine can mean a significantly serious impact for our environment - you decide if you want that impact to be positive or negative.

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