"frustrated incorporated..."

what to do with myself? that is the question i'm constantly asking myself these days. i'm ueber-frustrated with my job situation - i am so sick and tired of being underemployed and not having a reliable and consistent paycheck.

at my current job, which is at a large chain clothier, i make total crap wages, am lucky if i get anywhere near 30 hours per week and have to work all sorts of random weird hours and shifts. don't get me wrong, though - i like the job well enough, i just don't like the fact that it's my ONLY job at the moment. okay, i'm *technically* a substitute teacher also, but i can't necessarily bank on that either.

there is a job possibility in a nearby town...but it wouldn't start until next fall and isn't a guarantee. DH just applied for a job in STL, so maybe we can move there and my job woes will be less woeful. who knows?

if only i could make pretty crafty things and sell enough of them to make the money i'm not making at my job...i'm terrible at promoting myself though and my etsy never seemed to ever have any views. :-( i need to get some new things made and revamp my etsy shop altogether.

anyone have any ideas for this frustrated chica?

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