returned from the black hole

I have posted neither much nor often, but I am crawling back out of the black hole into which I have been sucked! promise! *pinky swears*

Today, 1 November 2009, Husband and I started our "New Healthy Lifestyle". I don't know how it's going for him, but I can't say it's going superbly for me today. :-( BUT it is only day 1 and I made the mistake of going into this without any plan! It's not gonna work without a plan!

Through this site, my Facebook profile, my Brightkite family and sparkpeople.com, I will be documenting our attempts at our healthy new lifestyle and life as a result of it.

I verily promise this to you,



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  1. How's the new lifestyle going? I'm working on the same challenge. I just signed up for a triathlon clinic at HealthRidge Fitness in Olathe if your interested in joining,it's 80$ a month. See you on Brightkite :)


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