trending healthy?

So, I know that It's only Tuesday (for another 2 minutes at least) but I just have to publicly pat myself on the back! I'm so stinkin' excited that I'm starting to trend towards being healthy and active again! woo hoo!

I had a crappy weekend, but Sunday before work I attempted to take the dogs on a walk - we made it about a half mile round trip b/c it was so darned hot. I wasn't satisfied with my activity, so I drug hubby to the gym! Only had time for 30 min there, but it was 30 min well spent! I spent 20 on the treadmill and 7 on the elliptical.

Monday I was a lazy bum all day and it was glorious in some respects.

Today I worked a full shift, came home and although i was exhausted, I went to the gym! I spent 20 min/1.14 miles on the treadmill and 20 min/2 miles on the elliptical! boy did i ever sweat! I don't think I've sweat that much in a while! I felt so good.

The other thing I've experimented with is with green smoothies. I made a "green monster" yesterday with just almond milk, fruit, spinach and ice. i had it as a snack last night and another serving of it for breakfast this morning. It was a very tasty concoction!

this afternoon, however, i whipped up a smoothie and added chocolate spirulina/rice/soy protein powder - it was not quite so awesome. I could taste the protein powder in every sip. i did choke down about 8 oz of it though. Unfortunately, I have another serving of it in the refrigerator. I think I'm gonna have to doctor it up to be able to drink it.

what sorts of healthy things does tomorrow have in store for me? I think I see Yoga...perhaps followed by another trip to the gym!

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