Adult ADHD: Learning How to Harness it!

Often, the mental image which comes up when one thinks about the typical person with ADHD is an ornery blonde 10-year-old boy, a la Dennis the Menace. OK, maybe it's just me who thinks that. One picture that pretty much never comes to mind for anyone, though, is a quiet, somewhat-shy and yet accomplished grad student in HER late 20s.

When my therapist suggested I be tested for ADHD, I adamantly denied that I could possibly have it. I was 27, had graduated from 2 different universities cum Laude. I was anything BUT hyperactive. I was not the typical poster child for ADHD. Then I started reading about the 'disorder'; the more I read, the more my reluctance to being tested faded.

Since receiving my official diagnosis of "ADHD-Inattentive", I've done loads and loads of reading on the topic so that I might learn to work with my ADHD brain rather than against it. After renewing my stack of books on the subject twice - and STILL not being done with them - you can imagine that my ADHD has gotten in the way! 12 weeks should be plenty of time to read 6 books!

Once I finish reading the books (I'll have to turn them in and re-check them out - apparently MidContinent Public Library only lets you renew books twice), I'll post reviews of them. The one I'm reading right now is called The Disorganized Mind:
Coaching your ADHD brain to take control of your tasks, time, and talents
and it's by a woman who knows what she's talking about - she's mastered her ADHD and is an ADHD coach. Her name: Nancy A. Ratey, Ed.M, MCC, SCAC. This is one book I plan on actually BUYING. Yeah - it's that good.

Other books on the slate are: Author:

Is it you, me, or adult A.D.D.? Pera, Gina
The ADD & ADHD answer book Ashley, Susan, PhD
Understanding women with AD/HD Nadeau, Kathleen G
You mean I'm not lazy, stupid or crazy?! Kelly, Kate.
Journeys through ADDulthood Solden, Sari

I'm learning so much as I read...and I'm feeling so empowered!

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  1. The Mid-Continent Public Library has an excellent online ebook resource you should check out to see if any of those books are available. While I enjoy physically reading a book I find ebooks tend to get finished a lot more quickly.


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