Clearing out the Cobwebs

I haven't blogged - even half-assed - in a very long time. Why is that, you might ask? Have I not had internet access? Has my computer been wonky? Did I break both of my arms in a raucous beer hall brawl?

Nope - none of that. In the last few weeks I have been "mentally" blogging - thinking about things I'd want to blog about, but I've never actually taken the time to sit down and type it out. One thing I have been doing, in order to better my blogging, is reading loads and loads of blogs! In order to be a better writer, one must be an avid reader!

Before people start emailing or tweeting me about where the awesome blogs are, here's a mini-list for now (i'll edit my sidebars and stuff soon!)

KathEats - i ALWAYS take the time to read Kath's posts - even if I don't bother reading the rest!

BitesandBowls - I found Kelsey's blog through Kath's (they're "real-life" friends) and I always seem to have time for this one too! ;-) (LOVED the bear-shenanigans while B&B housesat for K!)

Roni's Weigh - Roni is uber-inspiring and multi-faceted. I love reading her posts!

Bessie Rides - my friend Sally's little sister, "@slimfender", who's currently studying in Prague! Though I've known Sally since 6th grade, Wini didn't go to our school, so I never met her! I know her through Sally and her blog/twitter! (hence my using her twitter handle for her name!)

The Art of Nonconformity - I don't always have time to read his posts - but I save them for later so I can read them at leisure and "get" them. I love what Chris is doing! Chris was one of my first twitter friends - and he's a super nice guy!

The Discomfort Zone
- another one of those "read it at leisure and savor it" blogs for me. Tim Brownson is pretty amazing, methinks. (Even if he doesn't like the word "Woot".) ;-)

Here are a few that I've recently started RSSing...and plan on working them into my blog routine!

Bookworm on a Mission aka @bwjen
Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat? aka @LaughItOff
Losing My Thighs aka @losingmythighs
Slow...Deep...Breaths aka @WannaBeSkinny
How Not To Write aka @hownottowrite

I subscribe to way too many blogs - so I'm sure I'm missing some great ones!

And, as you probably noticed, Twitter is a fairly essential part of my on-line life! :-) It's a wonderful social media tool!

So, what are those things I wanted to blog about? geez - I took so long composing my blog must read list, my train of thought de-railed!

Raw Brain Nuggets:
- my dealings with harnessing my ADHD
- Healthy Life Changes
- Eco-Friendly living: why everyone should be green
- Teaching a Dead Language (or NOT as the case may be)
- Travels!

This is a sampling of some of the things which have been going through my mind lately...and definitely way too much to include into this post! So, I guess consider this a teaser?

And feel free to suggest things for me to talk about! :-D Or to make suggestions on things I can do better!

xx dani xx

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  1. oooooo I haven't heard of some of these.. I'll check em out!!
    CCCCCheers to posting again!!


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