Mindful Menu: week of 14 March - 20 March

I think I need to start snapping my menu and loading via email upload from my phone to blogger so that I can get this up on Sunday nights - then revise/annotate when can after! lol.

Sunday:  to decode "F4Y" = "Fend for Yourself". Hubby took leftovers to work and I ended up grabbing a sandwich at a local joint with a friend. (Grilled Chicken, smidge of Miracle whip, lettuce, tomato, poppyseed challah roll. shared order of homemade curly fries)

Monday: Grilled Cheese and Apple didn't happen. I at Friday Night's sloppy Joe leftovers instead. (93% lean beef, 2 slices potato bread)

Tuesday: I made the meatloaf the other day, so i guess it's technically leftovers too. (93% lean, liberal dose of oatmeal, 2 eggs, ketchup and spices)

Wednesday: Happy St Pat's! got a corned beef brisket, a head of cabbage, a block of swiss and a loaf of pump! ;-) (just got a big bag of taters last week) (smidgen of beef, LOADS of cabbage and some taters and carrots)

Thursday: we'll probably still be eating on corned beef, unless we've shared it with friends. I'm not 100% sure what's happening Wednesday night, so it's a possibility.

Friday & Saturday: I'll be house-/animal-sitting for friends, so I'm not exactly sure what will happen these days for meals. They usually have quite a stockpile of foodstuffs in their place, so I'll prolly mooch and make it up as I go along. ;-) If they don't have anything that tickles my palate, I'll hit up the salad bar at the Price Chopper down the road.

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