Mindful Menu: week of March 7 - March 13 & a POST!!

So, again, I didn't get up the motivation to blog my menu last week- BUT I did plan it! :-) This week, I'm actually blogging my menu! :-) Here's my "old-skool" planning board:

Today, I made Chili - SO easy. I open a few varied cans of beans, a can or two of Ro-Tel toss in some Williams Original Chili Seasoning and simmer away. Today, I decided to add some extra zest to it - and I was kinda worried about how it would turn out at first!

I liberally shook in crushed Red Pepper flakes, garlic powder and black pepper. I added just the smallest dash of Chinese Five Spice. (Afterwards, I realised I didn't add my newest favorite secret ingredient - Sriracha!)

What worried me about the concoction is that as it simmered, I could smell the faintest trace of anise in the air. I really, Really, REALLY dislike anise. In fact, that is only the 2nd time I've ever used that overpriced jar of spice because the first time I used it, I discovered *just* how much I don't like anise: the other 4 spices couldn't help mask or tame it at all. (I prolly oughtta throw it out since it's a couple years old now...)

The good news, the flavors blended really nicely together in the finished product. There was just the slightest afternotes of cinnamon and cloves - and most people would probably never even notice it if they didn't know it was there. :-)

Tomorrow, I'm spending the day with my mom followed by trying out a Step class with a girlfriend and afterwards seeing Alice in Wonderland! (Hopefully in 3D!) I don't know what dinnertime will bring - but I'll be more than likely spending it with my momma. :-)

Wednesday's Orange Chicken is such a strange creature to me; sometimes I like it, and sometimes I really don't care for it. At my bridal shower, we played a "newlyweds" style game through which I learned that at that time (early 2003) this Orange Chicken was the hubby's favorite dish of my culinary repertoire! I wonder what he would say his favorite dish (of those I cook) is today!?

Saturday is a busy busy day! I am taking a PRAXIS exam from 7.30 - 9.30 that morning (to be on the way to being certified to teach High School English!), followed by visiting the Kansas City Gem and Mineral Show (Beads! glorious Beads!)

 I'll be wrapping up the day with a Football Game! My brother (#52) plays for the Missouri Mustangs which is part of the Central Plains Football League and the owner of the team is a friend of Hubby's. We go to games whenever we can - and this year we have season tickets!  We're not big into sports, really, but we're big into supporting family and friends. :-D

Now, on to prepare myself for the week! Check back with ya later! :-)

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