Mindful Menu: week of January 31 - February 6

I'm posting much earlier than I usually do! woo hoo!

Sunday 31st: I don't know yet...I need to go to the store, so that will probably determine what I'll be having for dinner. Black Chickpean Burger Cakes and oven-roasted potatoes

Monday 1st: Chicken Finger Salad. Chicken prepared with Shake and Bake and then tossed into a spinach-based salad.

Tuesday 2nd: Burgers & homemade Spicy sweet potato fries!

Wednesday 3rd: Hubby's parents taking us to dinner for Hubby's 29th birthday!

Thursday 4th: Burritos.

Friday 5th: Salmon Patties.

Saturday 6th: I'm not sure yet...Hubby works, so it'll be something easy for 1.

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