the PRAXIS takeover

Why, yes, I did fall off the face of the earth for about a week - thank you for noticing. ;-)

I will fill you in on everything, so, humor me, will you? ;-)

pretend, for a moment, that it is Wednesday 6 January:

My week so far is on track! except for the fact I have to learn about 5000 years of human history and whatnot by Saturday morning! CRAZY! See, I'm taking the PRAXIS exam, and not only is it rather expensive (~$90), if I pass I can apply for certification to teach Social Studies at the Middle School level! Currently I'm certified for German and Latin K-12, but there really aren't *that* many positions available in my area - so this will open up a whole new realm of possibilities for me!

Anyway - Monday, I went to the gym and spent about 20 min on the elliptical. When I came home I made dinner and studied all night long!

Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment at 11.00 - and I forced myself to the gym after. I was feeling lazy and didn't want to go, but I took a history book with me and spent about 30 minutes on the treadmill at an incline of 2 and a brisk-ish walking pace. I was driving right by the exit for it on my way home from the Doctor's office, and in an effort to "force" myself to go, I tweeted from the parking lot that I was there - I couldn't back out after that!

Today, I've spent the day studying, feeling a bit of a reprieve as far as the gym goes since I went yesterday! :-) I've spent the day studying!

Now, let's jump a little into the future - it's Saturday the 9th now:

I didn't make it to the gym yesterday - was in panic freak out study mode. The test this morning was rough - but not horrible. I feel about as confident about it as I did about my German PRAXIS, really. I did get some very valuable info from my studying though. :-)

Stuck to my Menu Plan pretty well, the only changes to be made was Thursday we had leftover meatloaf, soup and Elephant Souffle (which I made Wednesday b/c the eggplant was about to expire), so we had pasta and salad Friday night.

This week has been a crazy one - and I hope that through better planning in the future, I won't have to repeat it! Now, off to my friend, Peige's, "Kegs for Legs" fundraiser!

Seeing as this has become a rather long post, I'll not continue on at the present time - I'll chime in tomorrow. :-) maybe i'll even have some pix to share! :-)

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