Wednesday is the new Tuesday

On Monday, I said I'd post 'tomorrow' - we'll it's the tomorrow of 'tomorrow', so that counts for something, right? ;-)

So far NOTHING is going according to plan - but that might be a little more of my not really trying to go according to plan than anything else. Let's face it - I've been in quite a funky rut here lately. I must get out of this funky rut before I can succeed with my goals!

I do think that with my coming out and admitting all of this on the interwebz it's at least a little bit better than me just pretending that all is well and letting myself just slide right back into old horrible routines which have proven to NOT WORK in my best interest. it is, isn't it?

Okay, enough whining - and time to take my OWN advice: Tip #3: Don't make excuses.

Although it's already 22.31, I'm not anywhere near ready to go to sleep since I have put myself in the horrible up-all-night-sleep-all-day cycle. I am going to, once I publish this post, go into the other room and do something active. I'm thinking yoga sounds pretty good, or breaking out the Wii Fit Plus I bought a couple weeks ago but have yet to open.

Tomorrow, I'm totally headed to the gym - and I might even get hubby to accompany me.

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