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Let's face it - I need to change my posting schedule or start posting in the mornings. After hubby gets up in the afternoon (he works overnights) he's on the computer pretty much the whole time he's awake. If I'm on it, he lurks behind me acting bored and I feel rushed - not a good combo for attempting to post to the blog!

I'll not commit to days - but I'll continue to attempt posting 3x week - and always on Sundays. I have to post my Mindful Menu on Sundays, so I have NO EXCUSE for not posting some valuable content. :-)

The going to the gym thing isn't working out so well for me...I obviously haven't tried hard enough to put it into my routine yet. Thursday we actually were going to go, but some things came up and didn't try to schedule it in around. Friday and Saturday and today, yeah, just didn't bother. TOMORROW I'm going. I promise myself that!

I did, however, rip open that Wii Fit Plus - SO. MUCH. FUN! After I finished and came upstairs, hubby asked what I was laughing about - some of the activities just really had me in hysterics b/c of how fun they were or how BAD I was at them! For example, I was REALLY terrible at the birdy-flying-landing-on-the-islands thing - but it was so much fun to pretend to be a bird! :-D

I totally need to start tracking my meals again to keep me accountable!! I have a fabulous tracker, but I just haven't been using it. :-( *slaps hand*

I made a ton of seemingly healthy dishes last week - well, a few, maybe not a ton. I totally deviated from my meal plan, but I did use it to guide me and for grocery shopping!

Monday's Rainbow Pasta Bake turned out absolutely awful! This wasn't a fault of the recipe, rather a fault of using very old, very freezer-burnt veggies. It looked and smelled super-yum, so I'll be trying it again - maybe next week since Bird's Eye Frozen Veggies are on sale this week for 99c bag and pasta is also on sale! I ended up trying to eat it, but gave up and had a Yoplait Pear yogurt instead.

Tuesday & Wednesday we had black bean & corn burritos. Thursday was "ugly vegetable soup" - made from the leftover veg and pasta from Monday. The pasta went to mush, hence the "ugly", but it was actually quite tasty - good thing, cos I've got 2 bowls in the freezer! Friday was 15 bean soup w/ smoked sausage and corn bread - hearty and cheap! Saturday I finally made those Easy Salmon Cakes. Those were definitely a winner!

My goal with the meal planning is to create not only a weekly plan, but to establish a repertoire and to get really good at a few dishes. I also want to start making as much as I can from scratch rather than buying it. So give me your recipes for sauces, soups and whatever other "convenience" foods you make from scratch!

General Bloggy Stuff
I know that my actual blog site needs some help - and I'm starting to work on it, but it's slow going. If you have any tips/tricks/ideas whatever, please let me know! I never was very great at site design, but I've forgotten most of what I did know.

I've had a request to add features to my comments, but I just don't know how to do it. :-( I am limited at the moment to whatever it is that the wonderful people here at blogger have set up for me - but I'm totally open to learning more!

I'm also working on my website for baccantes jewelry design using Microsoft Publisher. I've just started and am playing around with it right now, but I don't really know what I'm doing!

I'm freezing half to death down here in the basement and I have some cookbooks to work through while I have the time to do it - so I'm off. :-)

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  1. Let me know if you'd like a hand with your baccantes website. I've done a few sites in my day (though never used publisher for it...) and am looking to getting into doing that some on the side too.


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